Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Well hello. Im... Well um not aloud to say but you can just call me Tobe. And im a zulu in Kenya and im 15 living in a small mud hut made from mud cow dung and straw with 9 other people and life here is hard and im not going to lie but when your uncle is the local witch docter well it gets easier.

And i know you may all be thinking why is a zulu warrior in a mud hut with a laptop when he should go out with the tribe hunters finding water and food? Well the answer is that our tribe elder and tribe leader is ill and may pass away so we have been given theses laptops by the local charity group so we can try and find a cure for our great leader. And right now that is a little bit hard because no one knows whats wrong with him. After all none of us have gone to medical school since we are in the middle of no where in HOT DRY Kenya.

This is us at a family gathering

Well if you want comment with questions of zulu life and i will be more than happy to answer them. :D

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